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© Roderik Henderson

Dear friends of the gallery,

we hope that you all are in great health! We are happy to let you know that Galerie Frank Taal is still OPEN in accordance with the recent RIVM regulations. We would be happy to welcome you anytime during the gallery open hours:

Thu - Fr       12:00 - 18:00

Saturday     13:00 - 17:00

10+ on show

© Roderik Henderson

Galerie Frank Taal Anniversary Exhibition 

Kaleidoscopic exhibition of 64 artists who have at least once shown at the gallery in the last 10 years. We had a fantastic time you you during the grand opening celebration, but it is not too late if you have missed it! 

On show till November 21st

Chronology - Roderik Henderson 

Solo Show

© Roderik Henderson


Roderik Henderson - Solo Exhibition

On show till November 21st

Roderik Henderson studied at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam. His work has been exhibited and published internationally, awarded first prize World Press Photo portraits/stories and first prize World Photography Awards portraits/fine art, etc.Most recently his project Pink Desert was nominated for the Somfy Photography Award/ Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam.He lives and works in Chile and is co-founder of bunk.A.i.r. - a new, remote artist residency in Northern Chile.

Also on show at Nederlands Fotomuseum with his new series Pink desert. 

Somfy Photography Award Exhibition

For exact opening hours, please visit Fotomuseum Website

On show till December 6th



Sincerely not yours 

Hester Scheurwater

Solo Show

Sincerely not yours - solo show - Hester Scheurwater

On Show: November 28th - December 19th

Until further notice the exhibition opening will be arranged with time slots in accordance with RIVM regulations. 

More information will follow, keep checking our website.


The 12th Monkey - Pieter Jan Martyn

Solo Show

The 12th Monkey

Pieter Jan Martyn

On Show: January 9 - February 13

For his ninth solo exhibition, painter Pieter Jan Martyn is looking for a way to paint closer to himself. In his previous series he lost himself in research into dark and violent subjects such as De Bende van Nijvel, autopsies, the murder of JFK and de Rote Armee Fraktion. If he had to be able to free himself from all stories and start from his subconscious, what would he paint? He looked for the answer to that question in hypnosis. 

This project has grown into a very personal series, in which the artist, within his typical visual language, does an almost obsessive preliminary investigation to find his most essential form of reality. In several hypnosis sessions, Martyn let the hypnotist Patrick Pickart take him to a "zero point" an area in the narrow field of tension between consciousness and subconsciousness.

Until further notice the exhibition opening will be arranged with time slots in accordance with RIVM regulations. More information will follow, keep checking our website.




Exhibition by Bram Braam and Anneke Eussen

CYCLE shows the work of Anneke Eussen (1978) and Bram Braam (1980) in a new, specially for PARK developed installation. The space is transformed into an abstract landscape in which industrial materials and found objects are brought together into a new whole. Time, transience and the architectural environment around us become tangible in new structures and sculptures.

CYCLE can be again be visited from November 20th. 

Opening hours during the exhibition: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1-5 pm 

Free admission

Frank Taal Galerie

Van Speykstraat 129

3014 VH Rotterdam

+31 6 41 40 09 27